Do you Travel?

Without a doubt! Only, the travel, lodging and food expenses have to be taken care of.

Can the prices be negotiated at all?

Good films can’t be made being frugal minded! So it’s okay spending a little more than what you had decided, as long as we’re promising you a film close to your heart. You need only photography, or only cinematography, or both, we can rework the budget for you as per the requirements.

What all do the deliverables consist of?

We don’t have a formal set of deliverables, so to speak. But here’s what works for almost all.

1) All Raw Data (Photos and Videos)
2) 400 - 700 Edited Pictures (For albums and social media)
3) A 5 - 6 Minutes Wedding Teaser
4) A 60 – 90 Minutes Full Cinematic Video

Can we hire another shooting team along?

We suggest having a single working unit saves you much of chaos, confusion and hold-ups. Plus when we also reassure you the best output possible. But it’s your big day and once-in-a-lifetime event so we understand if you want to be prudent about it and hire multiple teams. Having said that, we perform best when not choked.

Whats your turn around time?

Trailer would be ready within 8-12 weeks & Full Video by 12-16 weeks of the wedding. We’ve been told that its worth the wait.

How do we book you?

Reach us via email , along with your wedding date, function details, guest head-count and venue, if secured. If possible, we would love to meet you both in person to discuss various aspects and this also eases you out.

We don't have a set date yet, can we still message you?

Absolutely! You can reach out to us whenever you want to start to plan the Wedding.

What are the Payment Terms?

50% - Advance
40% - A week before the shoot
10% - After the approval of deliverables, before the final delivery

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Available for hire Pan India and beyond.

Previous travels include France, Italy, Uzbekistan, Israel, Dubai, Thailand & Malaysia. Contact us for an overseas quote.