For two people who believe the foundation of their relationship is entrenched in their friendship, it's only natural that it manifests in their camaraderie, or what we contextually call - "chemistry".

Vanya and Hitanshu are interestingly similar in their values, yet diagonally opposite in their approach to life. Hitanshu with his intrinsic gravity is invariably trying to permeate some placidity into the relationship while Vanya being the dynamic one, makes sure she keeps their souls stimulated and spirits elevated at all times.

We feel like family whenever we are around them. The warm and welcoming nature of their families put us at ease right from the beginning. It was a 3-day gala affair where all the guests including us had some really fun and memorable time., and also great food!! :)

Location: Manu Maharani Resort, Jim Corbett

Cinematographers: Dev Arora, Rishabh Naagar, Alabhaya Jha & Madhavi Singh

Editor: Madhavi Singh

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